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Living Well Physical Therapy

COVID-19 Update

Life Force Health Center is closing for 2 weeks and thus Living Well Physical Therapy will reschedule clients for the future. Be Well.

At Living Well Physical Therapy, we believe a hands-on, holistic approach to physical therapy is the best way to help return you to the activities you love. Our clinic has an outstanding physical therapist in Mundelein, IL, who believes strongly in a personalized approach to physical therapy and rehabilitation. Whether you need help regaining movement, treatment for a sports injury, or a holistic way to de-stress, we can help!

Our Physicians

Our physical therapist, Brenda Zagula, M.P.T., is talented at orthopedic rehabilitation and works to alleviate your pain whether it be joint pain, muscle weakness, stress, or muscle strain. By coupling sound physical therapy fundamentals with innovative technique, we are able to help restore your body, mind, and spirit and achieve balance in your life.


Our Services Include

Myokinesthetic System Therapy

Our physical therapist is certified in this innovative therapy technique, which assesses muscle memory and nerve pathways to alleviate pain, improve posture, and restore function to your body.

Balance & Strength Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is a great solution for those looking to improve range of motion, stabilize and strengthen muscles, restore joint mobility, and train the body to feel confident and comfortablehowever you move.

Integrative Manual Therapy

Using a hands-on, manual approach allows us to understand your body as a whole when assessing symptoms and making diagnoses. While IMT helps us find the source of your pain, it also addresses your body's systems and how they may be influencing pain, disease, and dysfunction. 

Primal Release Reflex Technique

PRRT facilitates a "neural reboot" that helps to restore your body's reflexes to their natural state. This works to rid the body of painful muscle spasms and stiffness.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy releases muscle tension and relieves pain in trigger areas. This form of alternative medicine has as many emotional benefits as physical ones: stress relief, increased relaxation, and pain management included.

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